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Professional Liability Insurance

Members receive legal defense and protection for their assets (up to $2,000,000) when faced with a lawsuit related to their profession.

Christian Educators News

The Blessing of Humility for Educators

I hope and pray that at the writing of this month’s edition of Piccolo Lessons you are at peace and enjoying the calling and position where God has placed you. During my conversations over the last year with many of our members, I have sensed at times a feeling of uncertainty and disappointment in their placements as educators and leaders. If you have been feeling this way, let me say this: we get it, and understand…

An Important Victory for Christian Educator Freedoms!

At Christian Educators, we have been monitoring the case of Coach Kennedy for several…

Christian Educators bringing the compassion of Jesus to Ukrainian refugees

At Christian Educators, we have been monitoring the case of Coach Kennedy for several…

SavED by Grace

Choices and Challenges in Our Current Era

Due to the current state of American education, Christian educators must focus even more on the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible as we are called out into our spheres of influence so we can glorify God daily. What more can we do to be change agents in this current…

Daily Devotionals


EXPERIENCE THE LOVE OF CHRIST February 03, 2023 Prayer: Thank You, Lord for Your great love that You pour out on us daily. May we share that love with all who we come in contact with today. Amen Scripture: May you experience the love of Christ…Then you will be filled with the fullness of life and power that comes from God. Ephesians 3:19 NLT What are the hopes and dreams that fill your head and motivate you onward? How do you feel when YOUR dreams don’t come true? God’s word has higher things for us than our personal aspirations. When we place our heart and mind into God’s hands and open ourselves to His plans, then the greatest of great things happen. And the best news is that those happenings will be eternal! When we pray, what should we ask for? One great thing is that others will also find the love of Christ and experience a changed life as a result. May the Love of Christ fill your day! “Lead a life worthy of...
A Masterpiece with a Purpose

At the beginning of the school year, if you had asked fifth-grader Elvin who he was, he probably would have given the same answer as everyone else who knew him…

“I am the bad kid.”

Teaching in a Warzone
As an outsider looking in, I have always imagined the hardships faced by people fleeing their war-torn homes in Ukraine, but never really thought about those who have made the choice to stay…
“I Want a Transgender Support Plan.”
How was I going to honor my personal values and convictions, minister to this student, and keep my job at the same time?

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