Daily Devotionals:
Embracing Growth Through Mistakes
From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one...
Why Wait?
Do you believe in the saying, “Nothing worth having comes easy?” If so, you're not...
The Contagious Joy of Easter in our Schools
Happy Easter! From my unique perspective as a pastor to educators, almost nothing shouts “Easter!”—or...
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Waking up the army: ambassadors for Christ in our public schools
Waking up the army: ambassadors for Christ in our public schools
Steps of Prayer Promo
Steps of Prayer Promo
Help teachers stop indoctrination in our public schools!
Help teachers stop indoctrination in our public schools!
Navigating Tough Conversations
There have been many instances in which I have had to deliver difficult news, and...
Leaders Who Knew It Wasn’t About Them
In celebration of Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays this month, which have been awkwardly combined into...
The Power of His Presence in My Classroom
Michelle Keso
In the face of an unprecedented challenge, I needed spiritual reinforcements.
Absent Again
Anne Davidson Kusmer
How can teachers help students struggling with chronic absenteeism?
Kidney Brothers
Julio Vega
A teacher gets involved when he learns about a former student in desperate need of...
April 20, 2024
LIFT - Southern California Gathering of Christian Educators - Chino Hills, CA
April 30, 2024
Honor the Grad! - St. Augustine, FL
May 18, 2024
Teach Out Loud - Midway, KY

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