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Featured Articles

God Is Moving in Our Schools
As Christian educators, we know that God is alive and working in our public schools. And even though we believe this to be true, sometimes we need to hear testimonies from others to give us the strength and encouragement to continue sharing the love of Christ with our students and...
Mentors: The Key to Surviving in the Classroom
As a teacher consultant, I visit a lot of schools and build relationships with some extraordinary educators. One such educator, Denise, who is in her fifth year as a fourth-grade teacher, recently shared with me an insightful story about her journey as an educator…
How Do You Live Out Your Faith?
Several professors at the Biola University School of Education, including myself, and leaders from Christian Educators were curious about this question: Which approaches to living out one’s faith are truly the most practiced by Christian teachers in public schools? So, in an effort to answer this question, we researched, gathered,...

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