Teachers of Vision (TOV) Writer’s Guidelines

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Assistant Editorial Manager–Lara Busold

Our Publication

TOV is an award-winning magazine designed to encourage, equip, and empower Christian educators serving in public and private education.

Our Audience

Our audience is primarily K-12 public school educators looking for articles that inspire and provide practical ideas they can use in their profession. While the print version of TOV magazine is reserved for Christian Educators members, TOV’s digital version is a free resource available to the general public.

Our Writers

Our Editorial Needs


If your submitted work is chosen for publication, you will receive a pay range written in the contract before editing begins.


We purchase first rights, which include digital copies and social network sharing. We maintain the right to reprint your article in any Christian Educators’ publications. Additionally, because we are an educational publication, we give members permission to copy for educational purposes. We respect copyright law and contact authors if someone outside the educational community wants to reprint an article. We only give permission if the author approves and the reprint includes when and where the article was published.

For example:
“This article first appeared in Teachers of Vision magazine in the Back to School/Winter/Spring 2023 issue. Teachers of Vision magazine is a publication of Christian Educators, Yorba Linda, CA. (christianeducators.org)”


Publication Process

Future Issues

Submission Deadline
Winter 2025
August 1, 2024
Spring 2025
November 18, 2024
Back to School 2025
February 27, 2025

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