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Do you want to experience more of Jesus in you and with you at your school?

Do you need more freedom from obstacles that hinder your impact? Join us for AWAKE—a one-day transformational experience for Christian educators that opens our eyes to how God is using us as His ambassadors and then frees us to work more powerfully with Jesus. Is He inviting you to come AWAKE to your calling?

2 Cor. 5:20 NLT

“So we are Christ’s ambassadors; God is making his appeal through us.”

The AWAKE experience includes:

Start with the reality that God is already using us…open our eyes to how He made us to bring others into contact with His heart and character. We affirm teachers to be who God has made them to be in Him, not to compare themselves with others.

Be reminded how big and loving our God is. Sometimes as educators we get a bit out of touch with the true God of the Bible, and let our own disappointments or experiences shape how we perceive God, and we settle for less than who He really is.

Be inspired how we are beloved new creations that are adopted as sons and daughters. Other times we spend too much time looking in the mirror, or comparing ourselves to others, and lose focus on how much God loves us and is for us, and that we are new creations.

And all of us need to be reminded that we walk into school each day representing Jesus, and we carry the Holy Spirit with us to bring the culture of the Kingdom.

Before AWAKE

Isolated, afraid, ineffective at representing Jesus, unsure of how to represent Jesus on campus, unaware of calling, misrepresenting Kingdom culture


Equipped, inspired, reminded of calling, ready to represent Jesus in both attitude and action





Work for the district

Work for and with God

Christian teacher lacking purpose

Ambassadors of the kingdom


A few quotes from past AWAKE attendees:

July 8, 2024
AWAKE Colorado Springs, CO
July 25, 2024
AWAKE Memphis, TN
August 8, 2024
AWAKE Galion, OH
October 12, 2024
October 19, 2024
AWAKE Holdingford, MN
November 9, 2024
AWAKE Lakeville, MN

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