In the Know – May 2023

During this Teacher Appreciation Week of 2023, we are doing some fun things to help you feel appreciated. See below! Also, did you notice there was some confusion this year about Teacher Appreciation Week? Some celebrated it last week. Others think it is this week. I believe it’s because the “first full week in May” […]

National Day of Prayer 2023

Hello Christian educator, I am back from my sabbatical and I am more convinced than ever that we need to pray! Please watch this video in which I share a stunning article from the latest issue of Teachers of Vision. We have seen dramatic results when educators, students, and others in the community intentionally and fervently pray for schools. So […]

Transformative Prayer

I remember the first time I heard about what was happening in our Arizona schools. I was not aware that teachers used their own money to buy students essential clothing like underwear or that schools didn’t have the resources to maintain buildings. I had no idea that teachers gave out canned goods on Fridays so kids […]