Transformative Prayer
Miracles happen when God's people invite His presence into their schools.

I remember the first time I heard about what was happening in our Arizona schools. I was not aware that teachers used their own money to buy students essential clothing like underwear or that schools didn’t have the resources to maintain buildings. I had no idea that teachers gave out canned goods on Fridays so kids could eat over the weekend. I didn’t know about the number of students who were homeless, struggling academically, overdosing on drugs, or attempting to take their own lives.

Even the churches next door to these schools knew nothing about what was happening inside those walls!

So, when four young men—Mike, Matt, Jon, and Keith—showed up at our BridgeBuilders International ministry offices to ask if we would help them with an initiative to pray inside the schools of Arizona, we knew God was calling us to take action.

These young men felt that God was calling them to minister to…

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