Seasons of Growth

As educators, sometimes we forget our why, and sometimes we forget our way. And, when we forget Who is intricately designing each day of our calling on this earth, we may struggle, stumble, or fall. If you are in a season of falling away from your calling or struggling to see how your work can impact His Kingdom, remember it isn’t what we do, but rather what He does with us.  

So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. Corinthians 3:7, NIV

One way to overcome a season of struggle is to grow in your faith by sharing it with others. But how, when, and where? Below are three ways we can grow through Him by sharing His Words and His Works with others.  

See. During challenging times in the school year, I like to add “God sightings” to my morning journal and devotional time. We can intentionally look for ways God is showing up in our classrooms each day as a reminder that He is working in everything we do and then share them with others for encouragement. 

Share. When we build a community of Christian leaders in our schools, we can have more meaningful connections with others while building up ourselves at the same time. Interested in starting a Bible study with your colleagues? Check out Christian Educators’ Let Them See Bible Study. By working through this study, you and your fellow educators can learn how to become missionaries in the classroom while understanding the legal boundaries involved when sharing Jesus with others.  

Show. Reading the Word and soaking in God’s love is powerful for us as individuals. Sharing the Word and God’s love with others can significantly impact our communities. Did you know that Christian Educators is always working to build a bigger community, even on Facebook and Instagram? Taking time to read, comment, and share with others is a great opportunity to share God’s love with others. 

We continue to be so grateful for our members’ testimonies about how God is growing our Christian Educators community in big and small ways. For more information about Christian Educators, check out this video.

SavED by Grace

A fun and encouraging blog community designed to highlight the stories and testimonies of Christian educators, empowering and encouraging them as they faithfully serve each and every day in their schools. 

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  1. At times hearing the successes of others can help pour into our hearts and break chains of fear and uncertainty in walking the word forward in schools. This week’s blog was inspired by Glenn Walker’s testimony. Below he shares how while on the outside things seemed to have been falling into place nicely, God’s hand was in the work all along:

    There has been an amazing spirit of goodwill and thankfulness among all levels of our school district this year. Each principal has been willing to allow Christian Educators material to be provided to their teachers and we had a great time slot to speak to new teachers at their orientation.

    There seems to be a large number of Christian educators who want to share their faith but are afraid or don’t know how to do so legally. Our sharing of Christian Educators support has opened a new door for them to emerge into the light and be bold.

    I expect we will see much fruit from our connections made at the beginning of the school year, and throughout the year as we continue to encourage and pray for our peers, leaders, and students!

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