The Blessing of Humility for Educators
The Blessing of Humility for Educators
Piccolo Lessons, October, 2022

I hope and pray that at the writing of this month’s edition of Piccolo Lessons you are at peace and enjoying the calling and position where God has placed you. During my conversations over the last year with many of our members, I have sensed at times a feeling of uncertainty and disappointment in their placements as educators and leaders. If you have been feeling this way, let me say this: we get it, and understand your plight. This is why we pray for you daily, encourage you with wise counsel and most importantly, “shoulder your burdens” as was clearly stated in last month’s “Lessons”. Our focus in this edition will be on a powerful, but at times elusive word known as “humility”. Let’s take a closer look at how, if kept in check, it can contribute to our jobs, our marriages, our relationships, and most of all our walk with the Lord.

James 4:6 states that “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” I know what you may be thinking, what does humility have to do with all I do during the course of my day? I would answer you, almost everything! That’s right, in the course of most of your day you will be exposed to numerous occasions where you must minimize your pride and kick humility into a new gear. There were so many instances in my career where I felt I could have done more or maybe even I deserved more. This is not the response God wants from us as teachers and leaders. He wants us to have the humble, pliable heart that He can continue to mold for the benefit of The Kingdom.

A few weeks ago I was advising one of our members on a few issues that were pertinent to the function and composition of her job. As I was listening I noticed the more she spoke the deeper the quagmire of uncertainty and doubt became prevalent in her heart. When this happens it is our human tendency to go into self-protection mode. We may become so self-centered in this area that we place The Lord on the back seat. Let’s take a look at some thoughts we can implement to humble ourselves before our mighty God.

Here are five:

  1. Clearly acknowledge you are in a battle every day between pride and humility.
  2. Understand and embrace that humility isn’t weakness.
  3. Humility draws the gaze of a mighty God (Isaiah 66:2).
  4. Pray daily for the Lord to fill your spirit with humility and minimize the pride you’re born with.
  5. Reflect on the wonder of the cross and it will put all that is in front of you in perspective.

As we dive a little deeper into this theme, allow me to refer you to one of my favorite books: Humility, True Greatness by C.J. Mahaney. In his book he mentions an interview with Carl Henry, one of the greatest theologians this world may have ever seen. Henry was asked a simple question, “How have you remained humble for so many decades?” His answer was simple: “How can anyone be arrogant when he stands beside the cross?” This is excellent advice for all of us when we feel or come under the guise that life’s not fair and our actions shift inward.

As we bring our October edition of Piccolo Lessons to a close, please allow me to get personal. I have been working for Christian Educators for over a year now. Everyone on our staff that I have come in contact with shares a sincere passion to serve. They are always ready to place the organization and what it stands for over their own personal desires. They all exude what we as leaders have labeled servant leadership. I am humbled and honored to walk this special path of life with them.

As you continue to progress through the school year all of us at CE will be praying for your ability to minimize pride and strengthen humility. Our same prayers go out to the leaders and organizations to which you belong.

Always remember, even though humility looks weak to the world, in God’s terms you have earned an incredible, eternal gaze!

To God be all the glory!
David M. Piccolo

4 Responses

  1. This is a beautiful reminder! Thank you. I get so tired sometimes and I have to look to Jesus to give me strength to carryon.

  2. I love this article – thank you for the reminder. I will take with me, what you quoted, “How can anyone be arrogant when he stands besides the cross.” Thank you for such an inspiring word!

  3. Thank you for this new perspective and encouraging wisdom. We appreciate the time you took to explain this and be relatable to our members and fellow family in Christ!

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