National Day of Prayer 2023

Hello Christian educator,

I am back from my sabbatical and I am more convinced than ever that we need to pray! Please watch this video in which I share a stunning article from the latest issue of Teachers of Vision. We have seen dramatic results when educators, students, and others in the community intentionally and fervently pray for schools. So definitely check that out!

Furthermore, this week offers another key invitation to pray. By law, every president is required to declare the first Thursday of May as the National Day of Prayer. What an opportunity this provides to public school educators your president is asking you and your students to pray! 

Of course, the law does not specify that those prayers are to be Christian prayers, or that constitutional prohibitions against teachers leading students in specific prayers at a public school are suddenly waived. So don’t get carried away.

But it would certainly be appropriate to make your students aware of the National Day of Prayer, show them a presidential proclamation, and give them the opportunity to pray or reflect as they choose. 

You may also mention some well-known times in our history when presidents and other leaders have called on Americans to pray, e.g. Ben Franklin at the Constitutional Convention, the Civil WarD-Day, and the Apollo 13 mission.

And beyond that, I would encourage you as a citizen to participate in the many opportunities through your church, community, and online communities to pray for our nation this Thursday. We are in desperate need of His power, truth, and love to heal and direct our nation.

Be sure to let me know your prayer story by replying later in the week!  Blessings to you.

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