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During my first year as a principal, I spent a lot of time getting to know the teachers—their names, their room numbers, the courses they taught, and the idiosyncrasies of their teaching roles. But despite my purposeful efforts, it wasn’t until mid-year that I finally had the opportunity to make a personal connection. 

As I walked down the hall one day after school, I felt the need to walk into a classroom and check on a teacher. Once inside, I found the teacher alone and in tears. When I asked her what was wrong, she explained that a close family member was relapsing into previous addictive patterns. As a result, this teacher had to make the difficult decision to set firm boundaries for the first time in the relationship. 

Honestly, I didn’t know what to say or how to help at first. So after a minute, I simply asked, “Can I pray for you?” 

The teacher and I were equally surprised by the words that had just come out of my mouth. 

She responded, “Yes, please.”

My shock quickly turned into nerves. What could I say that could be helpful or supportive during this difficult time?

Without knowing what else to do, I took a deep breath and then began to pray. I allowed God to speak caring and comforting words through me. After the 90-second prayer, the teacher looked up at me with hopeful eyes and said, “Thank you!”



I know there are a lot more stories like this happening every single day across the country—stories of educators allowing God to work through their words and actions in their classrooms. From praying over students’ desks before school, to asking another teacher if you can pray for them during a difficult circumstance, to practical and tangible acts of service, God’s love is on the move in our schools. 

And now, you have an opportunity to share these stories! Each month, SavED by Grace will be highlighting a Christian educator’s story. The goal is to create a fun and encouraging community that will empower and encourage our members as they serve as Christ’s ambassadors in their schools. 

Have you overcome a challenge by seeking God’s word? Have you seen God move a mountain in your school that you didn’t think was possible? Did something funny recently happen at school? Or have you had a personal encounter with God that you feel called to share? If so, please reach out to jcabeen@christianeducators.org or click here.

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  1. I want to do such great things FOR God that i don’t always see the small things that i can do WITH God. Asking a child how the day went. Taking a few moments to listen to what the kids are saying, calling a student in another class to encourage them. Asking kids about home. Offering a snack to a student, praying for our students, letting a teacher vent, telling a student i am proud of their work. i look for the glorious stuff, but realize it is the little things that God is foing daily.

  2. I loved your story Jessica. Thank you for sharing. As a former public school educator, there were many times that a colleague or parent needed prayer. I always recognized the prompt of the Holy Spirit when my heartbeat would increase, and I knew I had to ask if they wanted prayer. People are hungry for spiritual food and with their permission I prayed over them. Praise God for His work in like-minded hearts who are open to the work of the Holy Spirit. June Hetzel

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