In the Know – May 2023
Teacher Appreciation Week

During this Teacher Appreciation Week of 2023, we are doing some fun things to help you feel appreciated. See below!

Also, did you notice there was some confusion this year about Teacher Appreciation Week? Some celebrated it last week. Others think it is this week. I believe it’s because the “first full week in May” formula doesn’t tell us whether the week starts on Sunday or Monday. At Christian Educators, we chose the “Sunday” interpretation. So maybe you will get two weeks this year?

I’d also like to report a bit on my sabbatical. What an amazing two months! I’ve been serving with CE for over 7 years, and considering the biblical precedent associated with the number 7, I had been talking to the board about a sabbatical for many months. Not only that, but it was truly needed, as this past year saw a unique combination of loss, stress, major transitions, and more. To put it briefly, we led the rebranding of Christian Educators, experienced a tragic death in the family, put on weddings for two of our daughters, and transitioned out of our church of 15 years. And if that wasn’t enough, we brought home a newborn baby boy—a full sibling to our now 2-year-old foster daughter. My wife and I were both exhausted and a bit overwhelmed.

I’ve been back for just over 2 weeks now, and these are just a few of the benefits of the sabbatical I have noticed.

  • Rest, energy, and refreshment (obviously!), much like the summer breaks I used to enjoy as a teacher
  • A spiritual direction retreat that provided me with the space to experience much greater freedom to walk in God’s love and grace and freedom from self-condemnation and perfectionism (Romans 8:1)
  • A healthier and much more deeply-rooted awareness that my weaknesses are actually invitations for me to experience grace and for God to be glorified (2 For. 12:9)

There’s so much more, but I don’t have the space to tell you about all of it. However, I will add that some of what God did will result in changes you will be seeing in how we serve you in the near future…nothing too drastic—there’s been so much change lately that frankly, I think my team has “change fatigue” (is that a thing?).

And that brings us to a final sabbatical report. I am so proud of our CE staff and volunteers! Not only did we not lose ground in my absence, but we advanced on many fronts. I am honored to serve alongside those who are led by Jesus and not just by a human boss. Please pray for us as we continue to seek His will to better serve and equip you. And we are praying for you as you carry out the even more important work of serving as ambassadors for Christ in our schools.

Be In the Know with the following updates:

  1. Teacher Appreciation Bundle
    Teach 4 the Heart has compiled a phenomenal Teacher Appreciation Bundle FILLED with resources to support your career, personal life, and faith journey.  Here’s a small sample of what is included:
    ✅ Classroom Procedures that Will Save Your Sanity Course ($19 Value)
    ✅ Year-End Essentials Bundle for Middle School ELA ($24 value!)
    ✅ PLUS OVER 15 MORE!Claim this bundle of awesome resources here!
  2. Teacher Appreciation Week Discounts
    There are a lot of things in the world that people seem to disagree about, but I feel confident saying we can all agree on this: Teachers are the backbone of society and deserve to be showered with support and encouragement.This Teacher Appreciation Week (May 8-12), enjoy these discounts from over 50 stores offering exclusive discounts to teachers.
  3. Let Them See Summer Bible Study
    Summer is coming! Hallelujah! During your time off, why not spend some time connecting on a deeper level with the Lord? We have been working on updating our Christian Educators Bible study Shine Like Stars. This study has blessed many educators since its publication in 2010. For its 13th birthday, we decided to give it a small update. The revised edition is entitled Let Them See and it is every bit as encouraging and motivating as it has always been.Download this study here and spend some time with the Lord this summer, asking Him to help you “let them see” Jesus in you.
  4. Association of Christian Administrators
    The Association of Christian Administrators began in 2014 and currently has chapters in
    Arizona, California, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, and Oklahoma.ACA is free and open to all school leaders. It has a very singular purpose of providing a network of support and encouragement through fellowship with other Christian leaders. It is our prayer that the Lord will open the door for school leaders to begin chapters in other states.If you are a school leader who is interested in more information, please visit the ACA website and click on “Startup.” Contact information is available on the site.
  5. Summer book recommendation
    Need a page-turning Summer read? Want one written by an educator, but not necessarily about education? We have just what you are looking for! Check out the summary below:

    Is there a purpose to tragedy and profound loss? Does God even care what happens to us?

    On July 3, 1980, Cheryl Steele Tinsley and three of her friends were caught in a deadly “freak storm” on Lake Huron that meteorologists say only appears once every ten to twelve years. This story is filled with gripping details about how our lives are changed when we are faced with our mortality—how God speaks to us when we encounter the reality of death.

    Read Wave by Wave and discover how God can deliver you from the storm you’re facing.

  6. Featured SavED by Grace blog:
    Let Them See
    By: Jessica Cabeen”As I walked down the hall one day after school, I felt the need to walk into a classroom and check on a teacher. Once inside, I found the teacher alone and in tears. When I asked her what was wrong, she explained that a close family member was relapsing into previous addictive patterns. As a result, this teacher had to make the difficult decision to set firm boundaries for the first time in the relationship.Honestly, I didn’t know what to say or how to help at first. So after a minute, I simply asked, ‘Can I pray for you?’Read the rest of this inspirational blog and find out how YOU can submit stories for SavED by Grace here!
  7. Teachers of Vision awards!
    The new Spring TOV is out! Check out this amazing issue centered around the theme of “Hope.” We know it will encourage you!And we are so proud of the new batch of awards for TOV from the Evangelical Press Association!1st Place: Cartoon: “No Introduction Needed” by Steve Delmonte
    2nd Place: Christian Ministry: Print Publication, Award of Merit
    2nd Place: Christian Ministry: Digital Publication, Award of Merit
    2nd Place: 2-Page Spread Design: “A Healthy Balance in an Unbalanced World” designed by Dan Seltzer
    4th Place: Department: “2022 Winter Director’s Letter” and “2022 Spring Director’s Letter” by David Schmus


Are you ready for the end of the school year, and the start of your own summer “sabbatical?” I hope you can actually rest…I know many educators need to find summer jobs to make it. If any of you would like to talk about rest and renewal, I’d love to chat a bit and pray for you. Just leave a reply below and we can connect.


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