What kind of teacher are you?


The unshakable, unbridled, but completely unexplainable kind.

The undeniable feeling that it’s all going to work out kind. The fire in your soul kind. The every day is a blessing kind.


The fortress in the storm kind. The warm, fuzzy sits in the pit of your stomach kind.

The negativity bristles around you kind. The people think you’re odd kind. The “she’s a little much” kind.


The beyond understanding kind. The “life is finite” so do all you can kind.

The passes through hugs and held hands kind. The calms the surrounding atmosphere kind. The if you’re missing Jesus, you’re missing out kind.


The “I still don’t understand this” and you start all over again kind. The second chances kind. The never give up or in kind.

The everyone falls short and makes mistakes kind. The you can still turn this around kind.


The “He died for them too” kind. The over the top kind. The ultimate sacrifice kind.

The treat your neighbor as yourself kind. The covers a multitude of transgressions kind. The undeserved kind.


The smile first kind. The warm and welcoming kind. The hold the door open and pick up their dropped item kind.

The “How can I help?” kind. The considerate kind. The put yourself in their shoes kind. The my door is always open kind.


The pours out of your soul kind. The shines through your eyes kind. The turn the other cheek kind.

The walk away from gossip kind. The do what’s right no matter the cost kind. The love your enemy kind.


The live for Him kind. The do what you say you’ll do kind. The “I do” is forever kind.

The you can count on me kind. The I don’t understand, but I trust You kind. The make it right kind.


The everyone is carrying their own cross kind. The protect their hearts kind. The “they don’t know what you know” kind.

The read the room kind. The mending kind. The you can come to me kind. The stitch people back together kind.


The don’t panic kind. The don’t conform to the ways of the world kind. The be an example kind.

The mind your words kind. The have boundaries not brick walls kind. The no thank you kind.


The all of this is from God kind. The we could never earn them kind. The it’s not us but Him in us kind.

The “Thank you God for your good and perfect blessings” kind.

Kylee Wray Mitchell

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