Teachers Inspire Hope & Grace – 1 Year Anniversary of SavED by Grace

First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is being reported all over the world.”  Romans 1:8

The influence of a teacher goes way beyond the classroom and ripples into decades past the interaction between student and teacher. Students will be reminiscing about how a teacher made a difference in their life at class reunions, with their own children, and even their grandchildren.  The work that you are doing is tough—real tough—but it’s worth it! It’s the gentle support of a teacher, the encouragement to not give up, and the prodding to keep moving forward that can be transformational in the lives of students.  As teachers, we need support, encouragement, and inspiration to continue the calling of teaching.

This is why we created the SavED By Grace blog to provide weekly inspiration to you in your work as an educator. This month, we celebrate the one year anniversary of SavED by Grace. This date marks the connections, interactions, teachings, and networking of thousands of you who have participated in the blog. The response and participation with this blog has been way beyond our wildest dreams, God has expanded its reach and audience.

As you focus on inspiring hope and grace to your students, we want to encourage you by sharing the top five most popular and most read blog posts from the SavED by Grace first year of publishing.

Reopening Schools: A Believer’s Perspective by Kylee Wray Mitchell – this post shares how we are to focus on God and not our own fears. This was our most popular post and for good reason as so many schools and educators were debating the reopening of schools.
5 Ways to Encourage Educators Through COVID-19 by Yvette Miguez – Lessons from An Assistant Principal at the Epicenter of COVID-19 . In this inspiring post, Yvette shares what she learned on how to help students through this pandemic and how it’s important to focus on knowing that God is with us.
3 Ways to Persevering During a Pandemic by Andrea Parson – Andrea reminds us to continue rejoicing during these difficult times, to give thanks at all times, and pray without ceasing.  Her inspiring post challenges us all to rest in God’s presence and peace during the pandemic.
5 Ways to Bring Life to Students During a Pandemic by Bill Ziegler – In this post, I share how we need to be creative to solve today’s complex problems, be positive, love unconditionally, provide support, and to pray at all times.
But Our Eyes Are On You by Karren Seddon – In this post, Karen encourages us to pray, care, and dare to make a difference. She shares practical ways to inspire your campus with God’s love.
Even though these were the most popular posts for the first year of SavED by Grace, there’s tons of amazing posts and resources throughout the blog. Check out our most recent blog posts, the list of authors, and comment on your favorite posts.

As we move into our second year of the SavED by Grace blog, we hope that you will continue to be part of the amazing journey by reading the posts, commenting, sharing the posts on social media, and contributing by writing a blog post. If you are interested in writing a blog post, please contact me at drbillziegler@gmail.com  You don’t need to be an author of books or an English teacher to write a post, just a heart to serve, a passion for inspiring educators, and focus on faith.

We would love to hear how you have been encouraged by SavED by Grace, comment on this blog post and share how you have been inspired and uplifted by this blog. We pray that God will continue to bless you through SavED by Grace posts throughout the coming year.

Be inspired and uplifted, you are making a major difference in the lives of your students. Stay the course, keep showing God’s love, and be encouraged for you are prayed for daily at Christian Educators Association International.  May God bless you richly as we close out this school year, rest up through the summer, and begin a new school year in the fall.

Dr. Bill Ziegler

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