Launching Cru at Your School

“I would love to start a ministry at my school, what should I do?” “What can I legally do as an educator in my public school?” I hear these questions often. Educators are wanting to see something happen, but don’t know what is available or legally possible. Another piece of the puzzle for them is, “How can I empower others to help me make this work?” In this article I hope to give you some answers to these questions and offer some ongoing help if you need it!

One frequently asked question is…

What should I do first?

  1. Pray! God delights in meeting the needs of His children. He is especially excited to answer our prayers that bless others and line up with His desire to eternally impact those who need Him.  Prayer is a way to demonstrate our dependence and cry out to Him for His Kingdom to come.  Start praying now that whatever your outpost may look like, God would demonstrate His power and change you as well as the eternal destiny of the students at your school. I also wouldn’t do it alone. Are there others that you can invite to join you in prayer, maybe even prayer walking around your school asking God to change lives?
  2. Prepare! There are two pieces to this section: paperwork and messaging. We are required by law to have an application, references and a background check for each of our volunteers. Messaging is how you explain or promote the ministry you are trusting God to launch at your school. Cru has a video that explains and models how you might communicate the ministry to different groups of people: administration, students, parents, etc. This will help you be clear on what you are trusting God to start.
  3. Put together a team! Don’t do this alone, Jesus sent them out in pairs. Ecclesiastes calls us to travel together so if one is in trouble the other can help, and that a cord of three strands is not easily broken. Make a list of people that you could ask to join with you to make this happen. It would include people praying with and for you, those who want to be directly involved in discipling students as well as others who can do some of the behind the scenes work you will need to make it all possible. Your team will offer perspective, support and prayer as you go.
  4. Profession Ministry Coach! That is the official title, but really your coach sees themselves as more of a mentor, someone in your corner helping you see the ministry that God has put on your heart come to fruition. Our weekly or every other week phone/electronic call allows your coach to see how you’re doing, check on the ministry, discuss next steps, walk through training (when necessary) and pray for you.

What are you waiting for? The help you need, that may move you into new places, using different tools is only a call away (or an email) away. Let the Cru Coaching Center help you impact the lives of those around you for eternity! Fill out the form on our webpage and we will get right back to you: Click Here

Cru exists to help fulfill the Great Commission. Cru’s Coaching Center does that through equipping volunteers to help students come to Christ and grow spiritually. Many of those we coach are educators, so this is familiar territory. We can help the students in your club, prayer group, or Bible study have the impact God would want them to have.  If we haven’t covered your question in enough detail, please feel free to connect with one of our coaches so we can provide the answers you are looking for.

Scott Livermore

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