LIFT Resource Kit

LIFT stands for Lasting Impact Fellowship for Teachers and is a part of a national movement to help Christians working in our public schools come together for fellowship, encouragement, prayer and support.

To help in this process we have created a kit of resources designed to make starting a staff fellowship group easier. We know there are many prayer groups, Bible studies and gatherings for fellowship already occurring in schools across America. Our goal is to support those already in existence, as well as helping those desiring to start something new.

LIFT Resource Kit Devotions


Don’t Leave Jesus in the Parking Lot


Unplanned Encounters with Unlikely People


Who’s Your One




Sent To Love


We Are Not Alone

What Can We Do As Christian Public School Educators?

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As Christian public school educators, we’ve all heard about the separation of church and state. Many of us would like to walk out our faith more openly, but live in fear of breaking the law and suffering the consequences. We know there are things we can’t do. But doesn’t the Constitution protect our rights as well? What can we do?

In fact, there are many ways to walk out our faith in public schools without breaking the law. In this brief video, you will be introduced to the many things we can do. After watching, be sure to share it with your colleagues.

Articles & Resources

Who’s Your One?

By Mike Hicks

Called to be Under-Rowers

By Mike Hicks

Sowing Tares…Hoping for Wheat

By Mike Hicks

From the Porch

By Mike Hicks


By David Schmus

Finish Well!

By Mike Hicks

Passing Through Samaria

By Mike Hicks

Teaching teachers to be modern-day Daniels

By Sophia Lee

The LIFT America Story and Update

By Mike Hicks


Hear what educators are saying about LIFT America.

Meet Marianne

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Meet Juan

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Meet Mike

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