“You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.” Revelation 4:11, NIV

In our society, people with wealth and fame are viewed as powerful. We look up to people who are on top of the financial chain. We hear our students glorify and exalt influencers and other prominent people.

How much more should we revere the ultimate creator—the God of the universe who created us and everything else? He is the one who deserves all of our praise! He is the almighty and all-powerful God!

As educators, we also have power. But we must refrain from using that power for our personal glory or to make ourselves look good. We must use the power we have to glorify God.

We have the privilege of worshipping the King of the universe and modeling that true worship for our students and colleagues. When we worship God through our lifestyles, attitudes towards people, and the words we speak, we shift the focus from limited human power to God’s power and transformation in our lives.

So, I encourage you today to remember that God is worthy to receive all the honor and glory. He created us. We must trust Him with our careers. We must relinquish our power to Him and rely on His Holy Spirit for the power we need to do His work in our schools. His work includes being patient when frustration crouches around us, being kind when we want to retaliate, and showing genuine love when animosity is attractive.

Lord, You are worthy to receive honor and glory because you hold all power. You created us. We will trust You today with our careers. We relinquish our limited power to You and rely on Your Holy Spirit for the power we need to do Your work. Remind us that we do not need to hold on to the power our career gives us. So, we trust You by using the talents, abilities, and influence You give us to glorify You. Thank you that we get the privilege of worshiping You through our careers. Amen.

Copyright Althea Gordon-Scott.

Althea’s passion is to validate, encourage, empower, and inspire people, especially young people, to find their identity, live out their purpose, and reach their full potential. She is a member, public school educator, ordained minister, wife, and mother.

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Walking in the Opposite Spirit

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  1. Hello Athena. Your devotion spoke to me after a rough day yesterday. I am a retired teacher who still subs. I had a busy day with no break with 3= year olds. I almost asked the school to get a sub for me. I walked down to the principal and told her I didn’t need this. WHOA…immediately I realized why I was a sub… to shine the light of Jesus while I’m still able. I went back to the classroom with my 10 minute break and said to the aid, I’d leave but I am here to serve the Lord not me.

    1. Thank you for sharing this testimony, Leslie! And thank you for obediently shining the light of Jesus on your students, even when it’s not easy!

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