Prayer: Lord, we thank You for the freedoms we have in America. We ask
You to bring into office the men and women of Your perfect choice. Please
show us who to vote for. Thank You. Amen

Scripture: Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. Obey your leaders and submit to them; for they are keeping watch over your souls, as men who will have to give account. Let them do this joyfully, and not sadly, for that would be of no advantage to you. Hebrews 13:16-17

I have had the chance to do a lot of reading this past year. One article in a well-circulated news magazine had a quote that really caught my eye. A certain denomination had recently made a controversial decision that was rocking the political world. I do not want to go into the specifics if this decision was right or wrong  but what caught my eye was the rationale behind this decision which was “Our private beliefs and our public expression of policy should not hold any differences.” In other words, we should publicly express and live out our private beliefs. What a concept!

If within us are Christian beliefs that we hold to, why would our outward public expression be different? Yet, in the name of tolerance or being politically correct – or even in the name of a political candidate or party – or just not to stick out in the crowd, we may often compromise our private beliefs publicly.

I am not asking you to vote for a particular candidate or for a particular political party. I am just asking you to go vote. Voting for school board members all the way up to the President of the United States is one of the most important public expressions of our private beliefs. It is our chance to make a difference.

If you worry about the morals and values of our country, get out and vote for those whom you think will stand firm with what you believe locally, for your state and for our country.

In our laziness, forgetfulness, or even our not believing our vote makes a difference, we choose to let others decide for us, others who may not have the same beliefs as we do.

If you have not decided who you should vote for, take the time to find out what each candidate believes and what his/her goals are. Then take a long look at your beliefs and pray over your vote. Before or after school, during lunch, or by absentee ballot, please vote.

Take whatever time and pray for those in political office. Pray for your local area, state, and for our country.

Please go and vote.

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