Prayer: I thank You, Lord, for Your great love for me! Please lead me to share Your magnificent love with someone today. Thank You. Amen

Scripture: The Lord detests differing weights, and dishonest scales do not please Him. Proverbs 20:23 NIV

I loved her from the first year that I taught her to sing. She was a natural performer, even as a young child. By second grade, she was well able to sing solos in front of the school and community. Not only that, she had the most winning smile. She often came to school unkempt. When I selected her for the chorus, she sometimes was not dressed properly for performance, and at least once even missed the concert. Diana’s second grade teacher confided in me that she was an overlooked child in her home. Her parents adopted her as a baby, and soon thereafter, her adoptive mother had died. Now her father had a new wife and they had children of their own. This oldest child, Diana, seemed insignificant.

From that time on, I watched the family and found this was true. When the younger sister, Katie, started school, she came the first day in a floor-length, white chiffon dress with her hair in a most spectacular arrangement. Her mother was there with her camera to see her arrive on the bus. For every ensuing special event, Katie had a special outfit, and her mother was there to enjoy the day. Diana was the ugly step-sister.

I struggled in two ways. First of all, I tried my best to make Diana feel special in music. She certainly had the talent that I could gloat over. The other struggle was to not think less of Katie because of her mother’s attitude. I was determined to try to balance this very unbalanced situation.

How strongly the Word says it. The Lord detests differing weights. One can find it easy to play favorites with children. Some win us over with their naturally charming and loveable ways. Others have an annoying habit, or lack endearing features that would cause us to notice them. In our role as teachers, we must search out ways to balance the attention we give our students. Some of them struggle as very lost souls, not only spiritually, but also in their present life situations. Didn’t Jesus go after the one and leave the ninety nine? We need to notice, like He did, the one that needs attention and find ways to bring that one back to a place of safety and love.

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