Prayer: Lord, we are grateful that You have sent the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth and to remind us what Jesus taught. We want to stay open to what You want to teach us this day. Amen

Scripture: I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will counsel thee with Mine eye upon thee. Psalm 32:8 ASV

As an educator, it is not only important to be able to teach, but it is vital to remain teachable.

I remember my first year of teaching. I had just graduated from college with a combined Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Child Development. I was equipped with the latest and greatest information. I was off and running the first day of school to change the world using my vast amount of knowledge. I had plans. I knew just what needed to be taught and how to teach it. Then the first student walked in. I had grossly discounted the value of experience.

A coworker was quite the opposite. Giving full value to her 20 years of experience, she did not want to hear any new ideas. She refused to attend workshops and classes to update her education. We both made more than our share of mistakes that year. And, I quickly learned that I had a lot to learn!

In all we do, whether we teach, parent, use computers, enjoy our relationship with Jesus Christ, and so forth, we must never stop learning. What a dangerous decision to decide we know all we need to, or that we always know best. We suffer when we take such a narrow-minded attitude, but we are never the only victims.

Ask God to show you where you should start. Ask Him to teach you and to show you where to seek instruction. Be willing and open to His counsel.

How can each of us carry out the attribute of being teachable in our daily environment (classroom, hallways, meetings, cafeteria, office, etc.)?

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