Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him… He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn. Psalm 37:5, NIV

Several teachers started a faculty tradition at our elementary school years ago. On the first teacher workday prior to school starting in the fall, these teachers will walk around the school and personally invite each of the staff members to come for prayer during their off-duty lunch.

Typically, about twenty staff members, including the principal and associate principal, will gather for prayer. One or two teachers will share a scripture or scriptures God places on their hearts. Then the group holds hands and anyone who feels called to pray does so out loud. They offer thanks to God along with requests for guidance and other needs. They pray for students, staff, parents, administration, and school board members. Many times, staff members are wiping away tears at the end of twenty to thirty minutes of spontaneous prayer!

Is God calling you to pray with other staff members? Ask the Lord to lead you to those with whom you are to pray.

Lord, lead us to join other staff members who have faith in You to dedicate this school year and our careers to You. Give us the courage to begin to naturally acknowledge You before others where we work without shame, guilt, or fear. Amen.

Copyright Don Clark.

Don is a member and a retired elementary special education teacher. He recently retired from his role as the Houston area director for Christian Educators.

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