How priceless is your unfailing love, O God! People take refuge in the shadow of your wings. They feast on the abundance of your house; you give them drink from your river of delights. Psalm 36:7-8, NIV

We waved goodbye to the jubilant children as their buses pulled away on the last day of school. Now the parade began. Actually, it had already begun earlier in the week but continued late into this afternoon. Out came guitars, hamsters in cages, extra umbrellas, bags and boxes of small gifts from adoring students, overgrown plants, boom boxes, newly purchased teacher manuals (not yet reviewed), personal toys too precious to leave behind for the summer, and even computers.

No other profession can claim the full ending of a year like teaching. Yes, there will be another year, but this one was totally finished.

The taste of freedom can seem wonderful those first few days of summer, whether the past year was happily successful or dreadfully difficult. The sky appears bluer than it has in months. Sleep comes so much easier. Life seems more carefree. Just the release from all the responsibility creates lighthearted joy and resulting rest.

What does the Lord require of us as we rest? What are His priorities for our summer? What can we learn from reflecting on the past school year that will help us in the next? What friendships do we need to renew now that we have more time on our hands? How can we rest and be refreshed without selfishly holding on to each precious day of vacation?

God has given you these days for the renewing of your mind, body, and spirit. Give them back to Him, and He will not only give you wonderful rest, but He will use them for the benefit of others and His Kingdom. He never wastes the days He gives us.

Dear Lord, we pray for those teachers who are having a difficult day. We lift up those who have lost their jobs. Please be with them, Lord, and lead them on to the next thing You have for them to provide for their needs. Thank You for this new day and this new season of summer. We offer it up to You before it even begins. We love You and live for You alone. Amen.

Copyright Shirley Wilson.

Shirley is a retired member and former board member of Christian Educators.

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  1. Thank you for these words, after reading this I am reminded of the blessing of time that God gives each of us. I pray that I am able to use my time this summer to bring Him glory and to show Him I’m so thankful for this time of rest.

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