Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice. Philippians 4:4, KJV

As Christian teachers, we are concerned for our students’ spiritual well-being. We pray that our students will see Jesus’s light either through us or through other people God places in their lives. On the rough days, we must rely heavily on our faith to remember God is working all the time, everywhere, and often in mysterious ways. But sometimes, God shows us clearly and directly when He is working. When this happens, we can seize the opportunity to rejoice and give thanks.

God blessed me with such a time recently…

A group of first graders were working at the Magna Doodle station in my room. When it was time to clean up, one student came up to me and showed me her writing on the Magna Doodle. It read, “I love God.”

Then she proceeded to ask, “Can I leave it on there? I want Him to see it tonight.”

I embraced this “teachable moment” and told her that God can see everything, all the time, but I still left her words on the Magna Doodle anyway!

Fellow teachers, I need not tell you the joy and thanksgiving I felt at that moment. To know and see that this student is learning about God, whether from family, community, or church was such a blessing!

Dear God, Thank you for showing us Your work in direct and indirect ways. I pray as teachers enter the school year’s home stretch, their eyes may be open to Your wondrous work in their students. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Copyright Tirzah Dawson.

Tirzah is a member and a library teacher at a Midwest public school.

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