When God gives someone wealth and possessions, and the ability to enjoy them, to accept their lot and be happy in their toil—this is a gift of God. Ecclesiastes 5:19, NIV

“Mr. Dodd, we had fun!” little Corey excitedly told his teacher when he came to pick up the fourth-grade class from my music room.

“Oh, is it over already?” whined a first grader when I asked her class to line up.

“When is music again?” asked a second grader on his way past my classroom in the morning.

“Alex says he wants to be a singer, and he was so excited when you put him in the chorus,” said a mother on her way out the door one day after school.

Hearing these sentiments was music to my ears!

As educators, we need to hear these sentiments to counterbalance the complaints we receive or the unmotivated and bored looks we see from some of our students. Teachers also delight in seeing the growth in their students, feeling the joy of their discovery, and hearing the laughter during classroom learning games. Many times, these feelings mean more to us than the best presents we receive at Christmas. They keep us going in school systems that often cannot afford the best salaries, districts with unsupportive families, or classes in which we see slow progress.

When you receive words of thanks and praise from your students, parents, and colleagues, allow them to encourage you as though the Lord Himself were speaking encouragement to you. Remember that every good and perfect gift comes from Him. Take a few minutes to thank Him for all the wonderful smiles, sounds, and gifts of love that you receive today.

Please help us to hear Your voice today, Lord, in the good words we hear.  We are desperate to hear Your voice and receive encouragement from You. Amen.

Copyright Shirley Wilson.

Shirley is a retired member and former board member of Christian Educators.

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