“Be still, and know that I am God!” Psalm 46:10, NLT

Many times, I find myself wishing I had just remained quiet. I wonder how many times I have opened my mouth only to later discover my foot in it? How many times I have winced when I read the Scripture admonition to be “slow to speak” or “quick to listen,” knowing that exactly the opposite is true of me more often than I care to admit? And how many times during my prayer time have I made the mistake of babbling on and on about this or that and missed the precious prayer relationship that God longs to have with me?

This week, when something difficult comes our way, instead of whining and complaining to others, grumbling under our breath, and feeding a growing negative attitude, let’s strive to “be still.” When we quiet ourselves before God, we will remember who He is. We will remember what He is capable of doing. And we will remember that HE IS GOD! Then, we can be at peace as we release all of our troubles and leave them in His very capable hands.

Lord, I ask You to help me be quiet today. I want to “be still” until I know it is Your time for me to speak. Thank You for guiding me with Your precious Holy Spirit. Amen.

Copyright Dr. Dan Elliott.

Dr. Elliott is a lifetime retired member of Christian Educators who lives in California.

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3 Responses

  1. Dear Dr. Elliott,
    Your writing today is spot on! I find myself bruised and tattered because the horse ran over my cart, and end up apologizing for my small brain more than hearing with my big ears.
    Thank you for the reminder. It is especially needed in my prayer life. As a retiree life is hectic, but bountifully blessed with helping others. I need to start my early morning hours by listening longer.
    May God bless you always.

    1. Dear Sister Verna
      Living in the Holy Spirit daily and growing increasingly into the Image of Christ is always a challenge to us. The world presses in and we struggle to respond to that with the grace that Christ gives and the unconditional love that he wants to have flow through us, even in the face of challenges and unexpected difficulties. I can identify still with what you faced and encourage you that it is yet a daily commitment for me as well to start early in listening more. I repeat often to myself a prayer asking God to keep a guard over my mouth. I pray the Lord blesses youl.

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