But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love; for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble. Psalm 59:16, NIV

Friends, do you ever feel pursued by your enemies?

Psalm 59 is one of many successive Psalms filled with complaints about the evil intentions of David’s enemies. Yet, at the end of this Psalm, David still finds a way to take comfort in the Lord and place his confidence in Him.

I feel fortunate to have a short commute to my school. This time allows me to leave each morning’s personal issues at home and turn my focus toward the students the Lord has entrusted me with for the day. Similarly, at the end of the school day, I am able to decompress on my return trip and not bring school issues home to my family.

During these 30 roundtrip miles each day, I spend a lot of time praying and listening to worship music. Recently, I was having a rough morning. But as I drove to school, the Lord touched my troubled heart through a song to the point that, according to several students and staff who witnessed my arrival, my car was “bumpin’.”

The song, “Good Day” by Forrest Frank, has an unforgettable refrain:

“I’m ’bout to have a good day
No matter what they say
The sun is shining down on me
Birds are singing praise
I’m ’bout to have a good day
In every single way
The God who made the universe
Knows me by my name
So it’s a good day”

Take a second to think about that. The God who made the entire universe cares enough about you, first, to create you and, second, to put the very breath into your lungs. That same God even knows your name and loves you more than any of us can even comprehend.

Wow! What was bringing me down again?

Brothers and sisters, maybe you are also struggling with that “difficult” student with whom you seem to spend 95% of your time and energy. Maybe you have your own child at home being defiant and causing a constant strain upon your heart. Maybe you let your emotions get the best of you when you spoke to your spouse, your children, your coworker, or your student. Negative thoughts, weak moments, and heavy emotions are nothing new; David battled those same things 3,000 years ago.

The truth is that they are all arrows from an enemy that seeks to steal, kill, and destroy. But, we can take comfort in the promise of Revelation 20:10 which tells us the evil one has already been defeated and will one day be cast into a lake of burning sulfur where he can deceive us no more. He will be judged. He will be defeated. What comfort that brings!

Let’s be like David when it comes to praising God! Let’s sing, let’s sing aloud, and let’s sing unto God. What an amazing and almighty God we serve! And for this reason, we know that we are ‘bout to have a good day no matter what this world throws at us.

Lord, the Creator of all things, we give You praise because You know our names, You love us, and You made us in Your very image. Help us to come to You in both the good times and the tough times just like King David did. Thank you for the 24/7 access TO YOU! In Jesus’ holy and precious name, we ask this. Amen.

Copyright Tom Milbrandt.

Tom is a member and a high school math teacher from North Dakota.

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  1. Thank you for this! Thanks for including a link to the song as well. May God bless you with many “good days”.

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