Prayer: May I be listening to You today, Lord. Thank You for reminding me that my work for You is not lost. Please bless each of my students with saving knowledge of You. Amen

Scripture: Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days, you shall find it again.  Ecclesiastes 11:1 BSB

I could have read the back of a cereal box to them or spoken in Swahili, or told them that I was having a stroke! They weren’t listening, and no matter what I tried or how many tricks I performed, they still weren’t focusing. Didn’t they care about my finely tuned lesson, my hard work, my expertise? No, they were being children, lost in excitement over every little thing – the birthday party, the snowfall outside, the new child in their class.

It was Charles Spurgeon who reminded me to do good and teach those who are careless and obstinate. “Our labor is not in vain in the Lord.” Our job is to do our work as well as we know how. God’s job is to apply it.

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