Prayer: Lord, I say to You today that I want to choose Your priorities over my own. Thank You for always being my closest friend. Amen

Scriptures: Draw close to God, and God will draw close to you. James 4:8 NLT
Abraham believed God … He was even called “the friend of God.” James 2:23 NLT

There are those days when I feel completely alone—surrounded by coworkers—but all alone. Even on some days in church—surrounded by the congregation—I have felt “alone.”

Truth is however, I NEVER have to give in to those feelings of aloneness! Our God—the creator of all things and life everywhere—He has promised to be my friend.

I don’t have many friends, but those that are friends can sit and chat about anything. They know each other’s strengths and struggles, fine-points and faults, and they accept each other without question.
That is the kind of friend God is to us. He knows all there is to know about us, all the bad stuff, all the “stuff” period. Yet He chooses to be our friend. He chooses to be YOUR friend.

What does it mean for God to be your friend and you to be God’s friend? It means that you are the unqualified recipient of His unconditional love. It means that you have a personal relationship with the Creator. It means you can take long walks and talk about anything on your mind and He cares! He listens! He comforts you. He builds you up.
You can rest today in the knowledge that you are a friend of God because you have chosen to accept His priorities over your own in life. Enjoy your BEST friendship.
“Lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God. Be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other’s faults because of your love. Always keep yourselves united with the Holy Spirit and bind yourselves together with peace.” Ephesians 4:1-3 NLT

Copyright Dr. Dan Elliott.

Dr. Elliott is a lifetime retired member of Christian Educators who lives in California.

To connect with Dr. Elliott, email info@christianeducators.org.

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