Prayer: Dear Gracious Father, we ask today that you give us your strength to conduct all the tasks and responsibilities you have before us. Amen

Scripture: “I can do all this through him who gives me strength” Philippians 4:13 NIV

As teachers, we can face responsibilities throughout the day that take our energy and focus. We may find that students with curious questions or who need gentle reminders can deplete our energy very quickly. This verse reminds us that we can do all things (even the repetitive things) with God’s strength. Relying on God’s strength is a minute-by-minute choice to allow Him to work in each situation and supply patience, boldness, or even a simple breath to finish the day. As we focus on God as our source of strength, we gain the ability to rest in His timing.

Especially during a busy season, it can be easy to rush into the day’s activities without taking a moment to ask for the Lord’s strength and help. Simply taking a moment in the morning while the coffee is brewing to pause and seek the Lord’s strength can bring such encouragement and refreshment. Fill your cup of God’s strength for this day! It will energize your tired heart.

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