Prayer: Wonderful Father, I am so glad to trust in Your great wisdom and leading in my life. Thank You. Amen.

Scripture: …for your Father knows what you need before you ask him. Matthew 6:8b NIV

While I was standing outside a store on Mother’s Day weekend, a little boy passed by with his dad. They caught my ear before they caught my eye because the boy was earnestly explaining to his dad how much his mommy would like to receive a puppy for Mother’s day. The little guy was very persuasive, giving several reasons why a puppy was the perfect gift. For example, he said, “Puppies are cute and mom likes cute things, they make her say, ‘aaahhhh.’ … Puppies are soft, mom loves soft stuff. … Puppies need taking care of and mom likes to take care of things like me.”

It was a very cute conversation to eavesdrop on, but I was very relieved to hear the dad tell his son that he was sure mom did not want a puppy, at least not for Mother’s day. The dad knew best despite the child’s deep desire to get a puppy – for mom of course – and his persuasive presentation of why mom wanted the puppy.

This made me think of all the times I asked my Heavenly Father for something for myself or even in intersession for someone else and the answer was, “NO.” I thank God that His answer was “no” because like this little boy’s father, God knew best. God always knows best. He knows all the facts. I do not need to lay them out for Him as if I might have a bit of information He is missing. He knows our heart’s desires, our weaknesses, and He knows what we can handle or cannot handle.

Unlike us, He knows what is coming down the road, what He has planned for us, and what better blessings He has in store if we just remain patient and obedient. Ah ha! Therein lies the hardest part – patience and obedience. I am too much like that little boy; I can lay out a pretty well thought out speech of why I need something. I can be long winded in my request – even begging if I need to. I have even been known to pout a time or two, as I saw the boy doing on his way out of the store after his dad had obviously chosen a different gift for mom. Looking back on those times I can see where God protected me, where His blessing was so much better than what I asked for, where I escaped certain disaster by not getting what I had asked Him to give to me.

These instances act as reference points for me to look back to in the times that I do not see or understand why the answer is “No.” God is God and I am not. He knows best, and I do not. That is my comfort when the answer is, “No” or even “Not now.”

How about you? Have you been praying for something for a long time? Have you begged God for it, perhaps promising all kinds of things if He would just say, “Yes” to this one request? How do you feel when He says, “No?” Do you ever feel that He is not listening or that He doesn’t love you?

Precious friends I can assure you that is not the case. He loves you more than you could ever understand, and He hears your prayers. My prayer for you is that you would know that the “Father knows best.”

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