Prayer: May You be glorified in all I do this day, oh my God and my Savior! Amen

Scripture: Oh, Lord, be gracious to us; we long for You. Be our strength every morning, our salvation in times of distress. Is. 33:2. NIV

This was concert day—one of scores over the years, but very typical. I had spent my energy getting the children ready, seeing that the programs were printed, the risers were in place, the auditorium and sound system set up. Beyond that, I knew that I had to arrange chairs for my 60 singers twice that day, and all this besides teaching my full load of classes this week before Christmas. It seemed that on the days that were most important, I was the most tired and the most vulnerable physically to Satan and my own sinful nature. Yet, because I gave these events to God for His glory, He saw to it that the children did their best, details were arranged, and everything went well.

I recorded a prayer on one of those days:

Lord, I am completely out of my own strength, creative energy, and authority over what happens on this concert day. Everyone is supremely weary at school, many are fighting sickness, it has rained for days, and we are in our seventh week without a principal. The children are smitten with each other and with Christmas, and pay little heed to us adults.

I pray as Isaiah prayed, “Oh, Lord, be gracious to us. We long for You.” As I gather the manna from You this morning, I ask for oil as well, to give me Your joy. “The joy of the Lord is strength” too. May all who watch and scrutinize my life today see the glory of Your power in me. Amen

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