Dear Lord, We are coming to You for Your wisdom in all our decisions today. Thank You.  Amen.

Any story sounds true until someone tells the other side and sets the record straight. Prov. 18:17 TLB

The last sound that was heard was the ‘”thwack” of the large Betsy bug as it splatted on the kindergarten music teacher. The children stared, slack-jawed, eyes round, as the teacher, pitch-pipe in mid air, gaped.

That was one version. The other was the one we heard at the dinner table.

“Everybody laughed so hard when that bug landed on Miss Davis!” “What do you mean the bug landed on Miss Davis?” We knew that the end of the story had a beginning, but did we want to hear it?

Nathan loved music class. But as he sat on the floor in front of the children he heard a “skritch, skritch, skritch” and saw a large Betsy bug making its way toward him. He watched as it approached, and then, with great concentration, poised his fingers perfectly and THWACK! off it took. He didn’t aim for the teacher…but it was hilarious! Everyone roared. That was his version.

From the first day the child enters school until he dons his graduation cap and gown, parents will hear two sides of “incidents” which happen in school.

As parents, do we loyally believe everything our children tell us happens at school? As educators do we become defensive when an administrator asks for witnesses to our incident report?

God, give us wisdom as we hear both sides of a story.

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