February 06, 2023

Prayer: Lord, Thank You for a beautiful day. When I am tempted to be brought low by its woes, help me to find joy in Your divine beauty of the day and rejoice. Amen

Scripture: This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24 KJV

Across the world, many educators embrace the idea of the dreaded Monday Blues. I have been guilty as well. I would spend Sundays anticipating the events that could transpire in my classroom on any given Monday. In fact, there are numerous didactical blogs for persons needing a lesson on how to overcome the Monday Blues. The authors show you how to prepare for success, manage your time wisely, and even strategically tackle your to-do list—all to counter the dreaded Monday Blues. If we allow the concept of the Monday Blues to creep in, we can forget that each day is a beautiful day the Lord has granted us for divine purpose.

In Psalm 118:24, the psalmist reminds us that each day is a day the Lord has made and we are to rejoice and be glad in it. Death, heartbreak, loneliness, family issues, academic, and social challenges are but a few woes in life that can cloak educators in a spirit of heaviness creating a disdain for the day for us. Our bustling teaching days filled with conferences, after-school programs, and PTA meetings, to name a few, can result in the same sentiments. Because we are mature in the Lord’s ways, we understand the propensity of each of these events to occur at any moment. The spirit of heaviness that each one carries can suffocate our spirits making it difficult to teach, lead, and serve our precious students. So, we certainly understand that we are not rejoicing in these woes.

Instead, we are rejoicing in the Lord and the day He has made. We are rejoicing for another day to do His will. We are rejoicing because He granted us grace, mercy, and provision to face our day and all it entails. He did not promise it would be easy, but He does promise to never leave us. There is no need to dread any day we are blessed to see – even a Monday. Embrace Monday, and every day, with confidence in Him. Our students are depending on us.

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  1. Thank you for this! I’m home with my family as the stomach bug has struck us. As I’m trying to catch up on work emails, I read this one and began to sit up a little straighter and feel blessings and praise in THIS day and how I am charged with doing the Lord’s will in every circumstance.

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