Turpen Legacy Grant Is Currently Closed

Forrest Turpen Legacy Grant

Forrest Turpen, former Christian Educators Executive Director, served Christian Educators faithfully for nearly 35 years, along with his wife Judy. He went to be with Jesus just short of his 80th birthday on December 21, 2017.

Forrest left an enduring legacy of equipping Christian educators to live out their faith in our K-12 schools.

In honor of this legacy, we have established this grant program to come alongside our members in carrying out this strategic purpose to which Forrest dedicated his life.

If you are a Member with Coverage of Christian Educators, we are inviting you to apply for a grant of up to $500 that would assist you in shining Jesus’ light on your campus or in your classroom.

We encourage you to think creatively. For example, it could be used for public school appropriate curriculum that has God-honoring content or goals, an outreach for your Christian club, a way to engage your students in serving others, or gifts of encouragement for your colleagues. But don’t be limited by these suggestions!

The Forrest Turpen Legacy Grant was featured in our Teachers of Vision Magazine. You can check out the full article in our digital version by clicking the button below.

We want to help you say YES to God’s leading to transform your school in big or small ways!

Turpen Legacy Grant Is Currently Closed

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