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Your go-to resource for the latest news, legal developments, and expert analysis on Title IX and its impact on education.

Resources and Support for Educators

Explore essential resources and support tailored for educators, from union choices to navigating complex issues like gender pronouns and transgenderism, all through a faith-based perspective.
Unions Resource Page

The Supreme Court has ruled that teachers can no longer be forced to join or pay fees to unions. You now have a choice to get better protections at a much lower cost. Get the facts and consider your options.

Gender Pronouns: Navigating a Difficult Landscape

How can educators extend courageous, compassionate, and contagious love to transgender students?

Transgender Resources

Transgenderism has become an increasingly prevalent issue in education. Christian Educators provides Biblical guidance and resources on the matter. For those curious about its impact on school-aged children, we’ve compiled resources. Inclusion here doesn’t imply endorsement by Christian Educators.

The Jesus Way

American Christians seek blessings but resist sacrifices. Educators face trials, responding in love despite challenges. True peace comes from surrendering to God and embracing sacrificial living.

Christian Educators joins lawsuit to halt the Biden admin’s unlawful effort to rewrite Title IX

Christian Educators, represented by ADF, filed a lawsuit to stop the Biden administration’s changes to Title IX that include gender identity, arguing it violates educators’ rights and undermines the original protections for women.

Title IX Updates and Legal Developments

Stay informed with the latest news, case updates, and developments on Title IX changes and ongoing legal actions to ensure you are up-to-date with crucial information impacting education.
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