Rise Up 2023 – FINALE with David Schmus & Linda Kardamis

FINALE: RISE UP & SHINE IN YOUR CLASSROOM with Linda Kardamis and David Schmus As our culture continues to turn away from God, the world is getting darker, people are more confused, and the future feels uncertain. But rather than shrinking back in fear, God has called us to stand and shine. Join us in […]

Rise Up 2023 – LIVE with Elizabeth Schmus & Heather Kohnen

BEATING TEACHER BURNOUT with Elizabeth Schmus & Heather Kohnen Teacher burnout hits all of us at some point in our careers, but what do we do when it does? In this transformative session, we’ll explore what it means to be an ambassador of Christ in education, and how this change of perspective is the best […]

Rise Up 2023 – LIVE with Linda Kardamis

STRATEGIES TO SAVE TIME & FIND BALANCE with Linda Kardamis Does the constant rush to finish your to-do list leave you frazzled? Could you use some practical strategies to help you save time and finding balance! In this session, get tips and tools for time management, prioritization, and streamlining tasks. Join us to get equipped […]

Rise Up 2023 – LIVE with Jill Miller

THE DISCOURAGEMENT ANTIDOTE: FINDING OUR WORTH IN CHRIST with Jill Miller From a negative observation to an out-of-control class to an unhappy parent, when things go wrong it’s easy to feel discouraged and dismayed. This often happens because we tie our worth to how successful our classroom is, but there’s a better path. In this […]

Rise Up 2023 – LIVE with Dave Stuart, Jr.

MOTIVATING STUDENTS TO CARE ABOUT LEARNING with Dave Stuart Jr. Are you struggling with student apathy or a general lack of motivation? Join us as motivation expert Dave Stuart Jr. shares the key factors that affect student motivation and how we as teachers can inspire our students to not only do the work but genuinely […]

Rise Up 2023 – Summit Kickoff with Mark Batterson

SUMMIT KICKOFF: 3 POWERFUL WORDS TO BUILD RELATIONSHIPS & SHINE FOR CHRIST with Mark Batterson, David Schmus & Linda Kardamis As educators, we are seeing unprecedented levels of discord and conflict, and it often seems like our students have lost critical relationship skills. But God has given us the opportunity to shine light into the […]

CE Summer Bible Study

Thanks for your interest in joining us as we read through the New Testament with our fellow Christian educators this summer!