Rise Up 2023 - LIVE with Jill Miller


11:00 am


12:00 pm


with Jill Miller

From a negative observation to an out-of-control class to an unhappy parent, when things go wrong it’s easy to feel discouraged and dismayed. This often happens because we tie our worth to how successful our classroom is, but there’s a better path. In this session, we will explore the importance of finding our worth in Christ rather than in the success of our teaching. Join us to discover how to cultivate a healthy and secure identity rooted in Christ. You’ll also learn practical steps for applying these principles in your teaching and personal life.

Rise Up Summit 2023

a FREE online conference for Christian Educators in both private & public schools

Join us LIVE online – October 19-24, 2023 
for sessions designed to help you:

✔️ Reduce Stress & Overwhelm 

✔️Teach Effectively  

✔️Reach Hearts for Christ

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