Turn Your Campus - Southern CA


8:00 am


4:45 pm

Happening in Southern California, Saturday, January 14!

Gateways to Better Education is presenting at the Turn Your Campus event hosted by Biola University on Saturday, January 14th!

Turn Your Campus is a one-day conference for students, youth workers, and educators who want to see God move on their middle and high school campuses.


Gateways’ President, Eric Buehrer will be speaking on “Creative Ways to Welcome Students’ Religious Expression in Class” during the Educator Track of sessions organized by Christian Educators.

At the Educator Track, you will get informed and encouraged about:

  • Creative Ways to Welcome Students’ Religious Expression in Class
  • Becoming Ambassadors for Christ in Public Schools
  • Using Biblical Assessment for Student Success

Scroll down for more details.  Registration is only $25 until January 10th then $30 there after.

We look forward to seeing you at Biola University on January 14th!


Educator Track Sessions

Creative Ways to Welcome Students’ Religious Expression in Class

with Eric Buehrer

Research shows that students’ religious faith is a social, emotional, and learning asset for the classroom. Discover what the research reveals and learn practical ways to lawfully and appropriately leverage that asset to help all your students flourish.

Ambassadors for Christ in Public School

with Andrea Brannam

Are you often frustrated that you can’t be more open about your faith as a public school educator? In this interactive workshop session you will learn from fellow educators how God is using His ambassadors in public schools to impact students and colleagues, gain Biblical wisdom about your role, and leave encouraged about what God is doing through you.

Biblical Assessment for Student Success

with Dave Bedell

Each of your students is a unique “poem” of God created in His image. In contrast, public education uses labels and categories to standardize the performance expected of all students. As a Christian educator, you have the ability to encourage your students to embrace their God-given aptitudes and succeed at every level. Through strategic use of pre-assessments, rubrics, re-teaching, and other tools, you can maximize student success and respond to their specific instructional needs, all while recovering the time and energy you need to thrive as an educator.

Biola University
13800 Biola Ave La Mirada, CA 90638

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