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8:00 pm EDT


9:30 pm EDT

Are you overwhelmed by life? Do the distractions of the day to day keep you from a meaningful relationship with God and those around you? Do you find yourself wondering if you are fulfilling the purpose that God has for you? Do you wish there was more time in your day for the priorities in your life? If you answer yes to any of these questions, setting aside time to be “filled-up” is just what you need. Take time to rediscover who you are and whose you are. Leave with a new way to look at life and the time God has gifted you each and every day, as well as resources to support you on your journey. We are excited to introduce you to the Christian Educators virtual retreat, “All Filled Up.” What is a virtual retreat? It is an opportunity to create space to hear from God and reflect on your life. It can be done alone or with your friends. Here is how it works.


  • Pick a location- This is something you can do in your own home or find a location where you can experience God in a fresh way.

  • Decide who you want to do the retreat with- Invite fellow Christian educators to join you at your location or this could also be a time alone where you have time in reflection and prayer on your own

  • You will attend a virtual kick off on a Sunday evening and then navigate through the next day with time spent in solitude and time in community.

  • Each evening of the retreat we will gather at 8:00 pm EDT, through Zoom, to reflect on our day and what the Lord revealed to us. This will be a great time of encouragement and community with fellow Christian educators.

  • Register for the experience and you will receive links for materials and the Zoom room where we will gather as a large group during specific times.


The retreat will begin on Sunday, June 23rd at 8:00 pm EDT and conclude on Monday, June 24th after our virtual gathering at 8:00 pm EDT!


What is needed in order to fully participate in the retreat?

  • Bible

  • Technology- Wifi, device for group or each participant

  • Large poster board or paper for each participant

  • Colorful Markers/Pens

  • Copies of participant resources for each person


After registering you will receive your material and Zoom room link before the retreat. Please print the initial materials and have them ready at the start of the retreat.



Members- $20 (Christian Educators Members, please use coupon code AFUR15 to receive the discount)

Non-Members- $35

(At the completion of the retreat you will receive a certificate for 8 hours of continuing education credit).

Heather Kohnen
Zoom Link sent after registration

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