Christian Educators and six states win injunction against Biden’s Title IX rules

A federal judge has blocked the Biden administration’s Title IX rules, which redefine sex to include gender identity, in ten states. The injunction protects Christian educators from having to choose between their jobs and their beliefs. Christian Educators Association International and Alliance Defending Freedom view this as a victory for religious freedom. The case will […]

Second court pushes pause on Biden admin’s attempt to redefine Title IX

A Kentucky district court has issued an injunction to halt the Biden administration’s attempt to redefine Title IX, marking the second such ruling. This decision follows a similar injunction from a Louisiana court. The Kentucky ruling, part of the State of Tennessee v. Cardona case, covers Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, and West Virginia. Alliance […]

Biden’s Title IX protections for LGBTQ students struck down by Texas court

A federal judge in Texas, Reed O’Connor, ruled that the Biden administration’s attempt to extend Title IX protections to LGBTQ students is invalid. This ruling, stemming from a lawsuit by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, states that the U.S. Department of Education overstepped its authority by issuing guidance that schools could lose federal funding for […]

Public School Gender Policies That Exclude Parents Are Unconstitutional

Over 1,000 school districts nationwide have policies that hide students’ mental health information from parents, deemed unconstitutional and immoral by the Heritage Foundation. These policies prioritize students’ gender-related choices over parental involvement, disrupting trust and relegating parents to bystanders in their children’s identity development. The report argues that such policies are legally unfounded and medically […]

Legal Docket: Reclaiming Title IX

Our federal district court hearing this morning is the first hearing in any of ADF’s 5 lawsuits against the Biden admin’s illegal rewrite of Title IX.

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