Unions Resource Page

The Supreme Court has ruled that teachers can no longer be forced to join or pay fees to unions. You now have a choice to get better protections at a much lower cost. Get the facts and consider your options.

Transgender Resources

Transgenderism has become an increasingly prevalent issue in education. Christian Educators provides Biblical guidance and resources on the matter. For those curious about its impact on school-aged children, we’ve compiled resources. Inclusion here doesn’t imply endorsement by Christian Educators.

Five reasons for hope in a time of confusion

The Biden administration’s new Title IX rules mandate transgender-supportive policies in schools receiving federal funds. There is hope through anticipated legal challenges, growing recognition of educators’ free speech rights, and shifting medical opinions against “gender-affirming care.” Examples of resistance and recent legislative actions in various states are highlighted, encouraging resilience and faith.

CE Summer Bible Study

Thanks for your interest in joining us as we read through the New Testament with our fellow Christian educators this summer!