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Kingdom solutions to address the crisis in our schools

Our public schools are in chaos.

We are losing a generation.

The only solution is Jesus.

The Problem

Facing the crisis together

The struggle faced by educators and students is undeniable.

The Opportunity

A turning tide

We see signs of revival as a deeply hurting and confused culture grows desperate for answers…for the truth…for Him. In fact, 77% of American teens now say they are motivated to learn more about Jesus.

Will we say yes to join God in what He is doing?

The Vision

Waking up the army

Can you imagine our public schools without any Christians? The solution is not to retreat. Thankfully, there are approximately 1.5 million Christian educators still serving in our public schools. Many of them are awake to their calling to serve as ambassadors for Christ, but are often stuck in fear, isolation, or lack of support. However, others are essentially asleep—unaware of the great opportunity and responsibility that is right in front of them. They need an awakening.

Like brave soldiers or first responders who run toward the fire, we are raising up an army of courageous educators who embrace the mission of seeing God move in our schools for the sake of this generation.

The Solution

Equipping our nation's most strategic influencers

We believe Christian public school educators have the potential to be the most strategic influencers in our nation. Over the last two years, we have trained over 100 of them through our Leadership Development Summits to be bold ambassadors for Christ in their schools and communities. 

They returned in teams to partner with churches in their communities to multiply themselves in extraordinary ways, including hosting 82 events, reaching over 3,256 educators who will impact nearly 5 million public school students. Many also have started teacher fellowship or prayer groups, Christian clubs or Good News Clubs, published articles, blogs, and devotionals, and pioneered new ways to represent Jesus in their classrooms and schools. 

This year, we believe the Holy Spirit is leading us to double the size of the Summit to train over 120 leaders, and these ambassadors for Christ are so excited to come, we’ve already reached capacity, but we need your help. 

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The Plan

Equipping our nation's most strategic influencers

The Christian Educators Leadership Development Summit in Colorado Springs is where we equip an army of Christian educators in three strategic initiatives:

Our Summit-trained leaders have now facilitated:

AWAKE Experiences





Our Summit-trained leaders have now facilitated:

LIFT Gatherings





Volunteer Rep

The 2023 Summiteers

CE leaders like these provide local spiritual support and encouragement that enable Christians in public schools to shine their lights more effectively.

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Testimonials and Success Stories

Why are we seeing such tremendous fruit?

We believe it is because God did such a mighty work in our hearts and minds at the Summit. Take a moment to meet Andrea, Chad, and Sarah, and then hear from Amy, Heather, and Chloe. 

Real Stories, Real Impact

Amy, WV

"I came to the summit filled with anxiety and fear. I am leaving transformed by the Spirit, led to surrender and accept His leading, peace, wisdom, and freedom. I came expecting to learn facts about CE and about becoming a leader. I had no idea that God’s Spirit would release me from the chains that bind me. I will be starting a LIFT Group in my school!".

Heather, OH
"I am leaving here healed, renewed, encouraged, and on fire to change the lives of our students in the public schools!!"
Chloe, KY
"I felt led to start a Good News Club in my school to partner with Christ in equipping students to be missionaries in our school. Also, to show teachers in my school that Christian Educators is not just a professional organization, but also a community of believers partnering together to show the life changing Love of Christ in our schools."

Partner With Us!

Your Support, Their Victory

We believe the battle for our schools will be won through prayer. Please sign up here to be added to our Summit prayer team. We will send regular progress updates and prayer prompts. 

Options to give

Provide one multiplying leader with:

A full scholarship to the Summit


Lodging and meals


A 50% scholarship




Shirts, swag, and materials to serve in our schools


Training and equipping


Local transportation and supplies


Our goal is to raise $150,000 to both equip leaders at the Summit and support them over the 2024-25 school year. Looking to help even more?

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Leadership Development Summit at Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs: July 2024

I believe it’s because God did such a mighty work in our hearts and minds at Glen Eyrie. Listen to the attendees share about their experience:

Total for Summit: $121,000

Multiplying Ministry Support

This invests in hosting local events like AWAKE and LIFT around the nation:

Total for Multiplying Ministry Support: $29,000


Partnering with Christian Educators is highly impactful because all of our salaries and overhead are paid for by membership dues. In other words, all investment in “Summit Vision 2024” goes to funding direct ministry activity and expenses.

We invite you to pray about the following kingdom advancement opportunities.

Total: $150,000

Consider giving towards our 2024 Summit

* Figure determined as follows: Of the 3.1 million public school educators, about 70% are members of teachers unions. Barna research claims just under half of public school educators nationally identify as Christians in a meaningful way, giving us about 1 million Christian public school educators that belong to unions. We approximate that across the 50 states, the average union dues is $800/year, with 80% of those dues ($640) going to the heavily politicized state and national unions, while about 20% on average stays with local associations. One million Christian public school educators paying $640/year to state and national unions means that Christ followers are voluntarily contributing about $640 million each year to powerful unions that don’t represent their values. 

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Christian Educators is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), demonstrating our adherence to high standards of financial integrity and ethical fundraising. Our ECFA membership ensures transparency and accountability, reflecting our commitment to excellence and trust in our community.

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