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Leadership Development Summit

As you are well aware, there is a national crisis playing out in our public schools.

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Celebrate with us the fruit we have already seen since Glen Eyrie 2023!

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Why are we seeing such tremendous fruit?

I believe it’s because God did such a mighty work in our hearts and minds at Glen Eyrie. Listen to the attendees share about their experience:
Amy, WV
"I came filled with anxiety and fear. I am leaving transformed by the Spirit, led to surrender and accept His leading, peace, wisdom, and freedom. I came expecting to learn facts about CE and about becoming a leader. I had no idea that God’s Spirit would release me from the chains that bind me. I will be starting a LIFT Group in my school!"
Heather, OH
"I am leaving here healed, renewed, encouraged, and on fire to change the lives of our students in the public schools!!"
Chloe, KY
"I felt led to start a Good News Club in my school to partner with Christ in equipping students to be missionaries in our school. Also, to show teachers in my school that Christian Educators is not just a professional organization, but also a community of believers partnering together to show the life changing Love of Christ in our schools."

120 participants over 2 Summits

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actively thriving as kingdom ambassadors of Christ engaging public schools

What are these ambassadors doing

When CE Executive Director David Schmus first came on staff with Christian Educators, he heard the Lord tell him, “David, my army is already in the schools, your job is to wake them up.” These 2 Glen Eyrie Summits of 2022 and 2023 are major steps toward this. We now have over 120 leaders who are waking up the armies in their communities, impacting thousands of young people across our country.

In faith we have booked Glen Eyrie for 120 spots next year to double the impact. Would you start praying now for the leaders who God intends to be there, and for the funding necessary?

Thanks again for your partnership. You have blessed us abundantly and you share in the kingdom fruit we are seeing.

Leadership Development Summit Plan

This bold plan is centered around our summer Leadership Development Summit in Colorado Springs. At this summit, our vision is to:

Hover on the tabs below to see 3 three phases of the plan.


Partnering with Christian Educators is highly impactful because all of our salaries and overhead are paid for by membership dues. In other words, all investment in “Summit Vision 2024” goes to funding direct ministry activity and expenses.

We invite you to pray about the following kingdom advancement opportunities.

Leadership Development Summit at Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs: July 2024

I believe it’s because God did such a mighty work in our hearts and minds at Glen Eyrie. Listen to the attendees share about their experience:

Total for Summit: $121,000

Multiplying Ministry Support

This invests in hosting local events like AWAKE and LIFT around the nation:

Total for Multiplying Ministry Support: $29,000

Consider giving towards our 2024 Summit

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