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David Schmus | Executive Director of Christian Educators

David Schmus | Executive Director of Christian Educators

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Join Christian Educators to receive support and guidance from college to retirement. Learn how we can equip you as a Christian educator.

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Hear from our members about their experience with Christian Educators. Join us and become a part of a community of Christian educators making a difference in the lives of students.

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$ 35 Year
  • $2,000,000 Prof. Liability Insurance
  • Job Action Protection Benefits
  • Legal Consult on Personnel Issues
  • Legal Consult on Religious Issues
  • Educational Consultation

Full Time

$ 259 Year
  • $2,000,000 Prof. Liability Insurance
  • Job Action Protection Benefits
  • Legal Consult on Personnel Issues
  • Legal Consult on Religious Issues
  • Educational Consultation

Student members get $100 off full professional membership



After graduation, student members are eligible to receive a $100 discount off of the already low annual membership fee of $239 for full time educators – that’s just $139 for your first year!


Discount applies to a full time ($239) annually paid membership only. Not applicable to part time, associate or monthly paid memberships.

3 Special Offers From Teach 4 The Heart

1. Podcast Series Recommendation

Responding to Teaching Challenges with Faith & Hope

I think this series would be very helpful for senior college education students either during their senior year or as they get ready to start – it’s really quite applicable anytime!

2. FREE Training

How to Reduce Disruptions without Yelling, Begging, or Bribing

While this training was created for teachers that are already in the classroom, it contains our best classroom management advice that teachers have repeatedly told us they wish they’d had before they started teaching. This free training truly help you start your career off right and avoid one of the most common new-teacher classroom management pitfalls.

3. Your Smooth-Running Class

Get step-by-step help to create a classroom management plan that works – so you can confidently handle student misbehavior & create a smooth-running class from day 1!
Use coupon code CE20 to save $20

Member Service Report

Our Member Service report is a must-read for college students planning to become educators. It provides an overview of how we protect our members and keep them teaching in the classroom, even in hostile environments. Learn about the level of service we provide to our members and how we can support you throughout your career as a Christian educator.

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