Teaching a Bible Elective Course in Public Schools

With Todd Steenbergen and Rosie Bertles Did you know that many states now have laws allowing and even requiring schools to offer elective Bible courses in public schools? While these courses cannot be taught devotionally, they do expose students to the influence of Scripture on history, literature, and culture. Come learn pro tips on teaching […]

Let Them See Bible Study

Let Them See is a powerful Bible study for Christian educators who desire to boldly integrate biblical truths into their teaching while remaining legally compliant. This study challenges educators to view themselves as full-time missionaries, recognizing their classrooms as mission fields where they may be the only Jesus their students see. Through reflection on Scripture […]

Teach With Faith (Not Fear)

Where are the legal lines drawn for public school educators? Can we tell our students about our faith? How do recent Supreme Court rulings affect our religious freedoms? Learn the key federal law that sets those boundaries and how it applies in specific situations in the classroom so you have clarity on what you can […]

What Can We Do As Christian Public School Educators? [VIDEO]

As Christian public school educators, we’ve all heard about the separation of church and state. Many of us would like to walk out our faith more openly, but live in fear of breaking the law and suffering the consequences. We know there are things we can’t do. But doesn’t the Constitution protect our rights as […]

We Are Christian Educators [Membership Flyer]

Christian Educators is the only nationwide professional association for public school educators that stands with you from a Biblical worldview, and doesn’t spend any of your money on politics.

Student Membership Flyer

As you prepare to be an outstanding Pre K – 12 Christian educator, do you have questions like… How can I prepare spiritually, as well as academically, for a career in teaching? Can I walk out my Biblical faith with confidence in public or charter schools? How will I find critical protections and a Christian […]

Don’t Get Fired… Thrive

Don’t Get Fired… Thrive: Best Practices & Common Missteps in Public School Employment with David Schmus, Finn Laursen, David Piccolo, and Jean Lamfers of Christian Educators Avoidable missteps can often land well-meaning Christian educators in unfortunate circumstances in our public schools. Let a panel of experts from Christian Educators help you remain long-term in your […]

CE Summer Bible Study

Thanks for your interest in joining us as we read through the New Testament with our fellow Christian educators this summer!